A dashboard is developed harnessing the power of open data in real time. Whether you are a local or a traveller, kid or adult, it gives everybody a customised method of looking at the city. Utilising open information from a wide assortment of sources over the city, users can customise their own dashboard with a range of digital widgets.

In a data-driven age, it is important to be flexible to accord with the smart city time evolution. A dashboard equips you with real time data and information to make decisions and move effectively. It furnishes a global and extendible instrument to local and central governments; it supports strategic decisions, allows correlation analysis, gives insights into trends, visualises real-time datasets and compares different smart solutions against each another.

Hong Kong Dashboard facilitates the evolving understanding of the city and how we can improve it. At the same time along the way the users shape their dashboard, they shape views on the city. The way they explore the dashboard sheds light on the way they navigate the city or better still, Hong Kong Dashboard is a new lens for people to see and understand the city, and even the world. This allows people to generate insights to be used to constantly improve the infrastructure and components that make up our life for higher efficiency, sustainability or profitability.


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